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This website is my attempt to catch your attention, tell you about me, and hopefully impress you enough that you will consider how I can help you, your team, and your organization be more successful.

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My name is David Hooker...

... and I do software.

Oh, and a whole lot more.

In a nutshell, I can help you with any or all of...

  • Coding to start a project
  • Coding to complete a project
  • Coding an entire project
  • Software design
  • Software architecture
  • Large-scale systems architecture
  • Development processes
  • DevOps and Infrastructure
  • Team Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Senior Leadership

Whether you are a...

  • Early stage startup company
  • Small to medium business launching a new product
  • Development group in a large enterprise
  • Or anything in-betweeen

I am perfectly comfortable in many roles...

  • Senior developer in a highly talented team
  • Software Architect in a small or large organization
  • Individual technical leader
  • Solution Architect representing your company with clients
  • Enterprise Architect bringing together multiple groups within your company
  • Development Manager/Director helping one or more teams to success
  • VP Engineering leading organizational change and facilitating success
  • CTO helping your business position and execute for industry leadership

I know that sounds crazy - such a wide range of positions and roles. But the fact is that I love applying my skills in technology, and with people, in order to achieve...


For over 29 years I have been making an impact, across several organizations and domains, including...


David and I worked on a team together building a middleware system for multiple computing platforms at American Airlines and Sabre.David designed and built significant portions of the system for one of the platforms. He is very intelligent and possesses deep technical knowledge which proved to be valuable in the project's ultimate success. David balances this technical prowess with an understanding of when and how to make critical business decisions. Working with David was enjoyable not only due to his professionalism, but also because of his good teamwork skills and inclusive sense of humor.

For these reasons, I do not hesitate to recommend David for any position in which his technical contribution and teamwork skills will prove invaluable.

-- David Pedigo, Senior Architect at Sabre

David is extremely knowledgeable about various systems i.e. J2EE, XML etc. He has also been quite helpful with various enterprise systems and is a great mentor to anyone in these areas. David has the most knowledge of anyone I have encountered for end to end enterprise systems and I know he will do well in any enterpise environment.

-- Ken Avram, End to End Performance Engineer at Sabre


I worked with David, and I was always impressed with his attention to detail, his work ethic, and his technical skills. He has a genuine concern for quality and he puts a high emphasis on ensuring that systems are scalable and maintainable. He also maintains an excellent rapport with users.

-- Jim Clack, Manager at Catalina Marketing


David is extremely intelligent and motivated. He has deep knowledge of many technical areas, and can rapidly learn and apply new technologies. He has led teams of varying size to successfully meet customer needs. He has the rare ability to both architect and implement complex solutions. His people skills are excellent. Definitely recommend.

-- Art Corcoran, Architect / Manager at Vitria Technology

David enjoys working with technology and finding solutions to challenging problems. When he worked as a member of our Proof of Concept team, David was always wiling to dive into new areas, learn new skills and apply those skills to the problem at hand.

-- Karen Chang, Manager at Vitria Technology


David was a very forward thinking architect and an accomplished developer. He created a product that eventually was the key to the sale of the compay. He was also useful as a mentor and debugger for other developers.

-- Keri Holt, VP Development at bTrade

David has a keen eye for software design. He is able to reduce complex problems to well structured, maintainable code. He ensures that the software he works on is efficient both from a design and implementation perspective.

-- Mike Poindexter, Senior Software Engineer at bTrade

David was responsible for building and maintaining the core processes of our main commercial product. David possessed skills that allowed him to quickly engineer new functionality into the product so that we remained a leader within our market.

-- Ralph Berwanger, Ambassador to Standards at bTrade

David is a remarkably competent and innovative software architect. He works very hard to remain current in the profession, a task requiring substantial investment in time. Furthermore, David is one of the most prolific programmers I have ever met. He writes more solid, bug-free code than anyone with whom I have worked. I am very pleased to have worked with David and heartily recommend him to any employer.

-- Richard Patchet, Senior Product Architect at bTrade

David is great at solving technical issues. He's able to troubleshoot and determine the cause and create a solution to fix the problem. He's also good at thinking and sharing ideas about how things could be done better.

-- Chris Bangma, Senior Solution Architect at bTrade


I have worked with David in two ventures to date. David is an outstanding software architect and that is not just an opinion. Several articles, patents and industry recognition qualify that statement. In addition, David not only supports the sales and customer requests, he seeks them out in an effort to continuously improve the ultimate offering and push the technology further to support it. David is one of the key individuals to the continued success at Ganart. I would highly recommend David.

-- Wayne McHugh, President and COO at Ganart Technologies

David is a brilliant and dedicated architect, with intricate knowledge of his craft. Despite being a veteran software architect David welcomes and effectively captures new ideas, methods, and processes to obtain effective and efficient solution to each task. He is known for his ability to provide timely, logical, and valuable solutions to breadth problems in and out of his expertise. David is a dedicated mentor and communicator who goes above and beyond to ensure that the members of his team have a solid understanding of product design and functionality. David has got a very easy going personality and a great sense of humor which made it a joy working in the same environment with him.

-- Alla Margulis, Senior Project and Operations Manager at Ganart Technologies

David is a true geek who is a master in Java technologies. He is a skilled software professional who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in low level programming. I had the opportunity to do pair programming with David and was able to learn how to effectively code without compromising design concepts and efficiency. David is highly visionary when it comes to building platform and gives a lot of thought into how the platform can scale. David's skill and experience in his approach to design and implement mission critical applications is something that I admire. I believe that David is truly an experienced professional architect that can build platforms that scales.

-- Safir Salihu, Architect at Ganart Technologies


I had the pleasure to work with David at Nanthealth. He is an experienced software architect and developer who understands the many different challenges in software and systems design and development. David was always providing input in technology decisions, solutions to challenges, and guidance to others. David is passionate about software technology, development practices, and architectures. I would highly recommend David’s work and would love to work with him again.

-- Shannon Hastings, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Nanthealth

I have found David to be insightful, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. He has served as both a mentor and friend in the time we worked together. He continuously stays up to date with current trends and the latest software engineering wisdom (i.e. Domain Drive Design and Event Oriented Architecture). I look forward to working with him on projects in the future.

-- Jonathan Tucker, Architect at Nanthealth


David was one of the most prolific developers I've met and a true polyglot (from a coding perspective). Has all the right tendencies to lead a startup (him having already been in that position before) - from being able to put out a product to putting fundamentals in place. All this with developers anywhere in the world. I'm glad I got to work with him and would definitely give him a ring if I'm looking to start anything.

-- Sai Rupanagudi

I have had the privilege of being David's manager while working at Viavi. David exhibits a level of competency, reliability and professionalism that makes him a valuable asset to any software engineering initiative. Also, David has a vast wealth of past experience that brought much value to our team. On a daily basis, David, brought his talent to bare on the various highly technical tasks that most others would shy away from. David is well versed in all layers of modern distributed software solutions and technologies, he proved time and again that he is able to precisely apply the right technology to the right situation. I would jump at the chance to have David on my team in the future.

-- Steve Dodge

What? Why?

In summary, I am a passionate technologist with deep experience who loves working with people in order to drive any endeavor to success.

And I'm looking for the next place to do just that.

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I very much want to hear from you!

While resumes, online profiles, and even gimmicks like this can provide some indication of who I am, nothing beats a real conversation. So please, drop me an email, let's talk on the phone and get to know each other - even if you do not have any work for me right now.

Relationships are just as valuable.

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